The Musically Inclined are a group of music aficionados, concert-goers, industry executives, and artists who love sharing music.  Our community created a locus where we distill our new favorite songs, streamlining our search for the latest and greatest music.

This site is an extension of our group and your stage to join us in discovering and rediscovering the music you love.  This is the music that defines you; the music that connects you with your peers; the music that you want people to hear.  It’s eclectic and it’s real.

The format is simple – we compile the tracks and send you a briefing of what we have found.  To get a taste of what we’ve compiled in the past, click here check out our Musically Inclined playlist on Spotify.  If you like what you hear and want more, we’ll send you our updates.  You can get those on this site, our mobile site at m.themusicallyinclined.comFacebook, and Twitter at @TheInclined.

And if you’re eager to contribute to the daily song list, comment here or shoot us an email at inquiries@themusicallyinclined.com.

So be smart – Listen to Your Friends.



One response to “About

  • ami

    hey, this is ami, i talked to you early…from go daddy, i tried to find you on fb, but tmi is a popular name rofl rofl. anyways, this looks great so far. plz send me a fb link and i’ll keep checking this out too ❤

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